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Bid Keeper Project Management Software is a unique hybrid blending project management with man-hour tracking. This time-saving tool was developed by tradesmen for tradesmen making all of the important information of your projects available with just one click.

The "Time Keeper" portion of the software is worth the price alone. Keeping track of your man-hours per phase flags any potential problems while there is still time to correct them.
Print information stored in the B.K.P.S. and give to your superintendent eliminates confusion about your project information. Names, addresses, phone numbers, permit numbers, inspectors, utility providers, project notes, change orders, RFI's, submittal records, and man-hours tracking are just a few features that the Bid Keeper Project Management Software offers.

B.K.P.M.S. offers intelligent solutions to simplify project management.

Thank you,
Bid Keeper Project Management Staff